Hoping for a rainy day :)

Children love gluing and pasting – feeling the texture of a glue stick and simply spreading the glue all over a piece of paper. Even though there is still snow outside, Spring is just around the corner, and with it a whole new season begins. Change of seasons gives us a chance to talk about so many things, including the differences in weather we see and even the kinds of clothes we wear.

Here is a fun and simple art project that the kids did this past week, one that is both an art project and a vocabulary lesson! During circle time we talked about “rain” using the pictures we use for our weather board, and then we sat down to make a rainy day picture :). Using pre-cut pieces, the children glued together their own galoshes-clad person and as they worked we got the chance to introduce words like “umbrella”, “raindrops”, “puddle”, “arm”, “head” or “wellingtons”, depending on what the kids were gluing at the moment (children who can use scissors can cut out their own pieces). As usual, not everyone’s “head” was in the same place, but as always, it’s the process they love and the fact that they made their very own pictures that matters!




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