Montessori in a nutshell

As I was browsing through Pinterest, looking for ideas for new practical life materials for the classroom, I stumbled across this video, which gives parents a lot of information about Montessori and ideas for the home and classroom. It’s produced by the American Montessori Society, and the content more than makes up for the not-so-great video quality.

As I watched the video, I saw different practical life activities that I think our kids would love as well, like the colour mixing activity with small jars of yellow, blue and red water!

The video also highlights the basic principles of Montessori, the principles which inspired me to do what I do. It emphasizes the focus on the child’s independence, the individualized work in a group setting, how children of different ages thrive in one classroom and the attractiveness of the classroom with all it’s wondrous practical life, sensorial, math, language and cultural materials!

We want our children to be inspired and stimulated through their own actions and interests, and to thrive in the environment we prepare for them. I hope you get some good insights about what we aspire to at our school!

Changing the colour of salt :)

Changing the colour of salt 🙂

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