The M in May stands for Mother’s Day!

It seems an obvious statement, but I have to say it anyway … Moms are an incredibly important part of every family. No matter who they are, they are always there, quietly doing all the little things that help keep a family together. Anyone who fits this role in your life deserves a little recognition, be it mom, grandmother, a motherly friend of the family, an aunt or even the kind lady next door who helps support your children! (That of course is not to say that dad’s are not just as important, but we’ll talk about them in June for Father’s Day 🙂 ).

Everyone has their own way of celebrating this holiday, from breakfast in bed to dad taking the kids out for the day. I like to celebrate a little differently, and I know that there are moms who like to take the chance to spend some quality time together with their families. I spent the past couple of days preparing the Mums & Tots of Warsaw newsletter, and as I prepared a crafts page, I found so many different crafts that I think we’re going to make here at school. However, I really like the ones I found earlier, so here are a few easy craft ideas that I found that can give you an excuse to have fun together!

In most countries (including Canada 🙂 ) Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May, which is May 12th this year. In Poland however, Mother’s Day is always on May 26th, so take your pick. Have you ever wondered where Mother’s Day comes from?? This holiday we celebrate actually began in 1908, by a woman named Anna Jarvis who held a memorial for her mother. She then started a campaign to make Mother’s Day a recognized holiday (even trademarking the phrase “Mother’s Day”) and was happy to meet with success in 1914, although she later became disappointed with it’s commercialization, as early as the 1920’s.

So this year, let’s get rid of the commercialization and make our own homemade cards and gifts, and if you’re looking for inspiration, try these ideas, or simply type in Mother’s Day crafts into an internet search for many more craft ideas!

Painted flower pot

^ Painting and planting –


^ Baking ANYTHING is always a bonding experience … and perhaps on this day Dad can handle the clean up 🙂

Hand:Feet prints

^ Getting messy with paint is always fun, and with the warm weather it’s easy to do outside to limit the mess!

Enjoy the wonderful day!

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